KOOCZ388B + a soldering station automatically

KOOCZ388B + a soldering station automatically

New facelift, innovative design, stability, sensitivity, failure is very low.

First, the characteristics:
1, using imported ceramic heating element, 24V low-voltage heating, safe and reliable.

2, RTD temperature sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature digital display.

3, the automatic import of motor function of tin, tin delivery time is adjustable.

4, the foot switch control of tin.

5, Universal adjustable weld, position adjustable to facilitate a variety of different products.

6, for connectors, connectors and other special welding work.

7, anti-static design, a ground connector (with ground wire).

Specifications: Motor power 3W/24VDC 70W soldering iron power available tin ≤ 1kg (Roll)

Ф0.6-1.2mm wire diameter tin tin delivery time (adjustable)

Feeding control modes: manual temperature range 200 ℃ -480 ℃

Temperature stability ± 1 ℃