Bump detector

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Japan TAKANO bump detector using high-precision infrared optical projection technology, the surface defect detection in the tubular products has been widely used, such as optical fiber, ceramics, electronic wire, communications, electricity cables, metal pipes, glass, plastic tubes, pipes, water tubes, etc., may be required to detect changes in the surface of the product.
Especially in the widely used wire and cable industry, improve production efficiency and quality of essential weapon.
It has many new advantages:
Reliability and stability testing
Installation flexibility
Light solid machine
Easy to understand
Insensitive to external light
Alarm output
Simple maintenance
Theoretical service life of up to no limit
Figures show the number of defects detected (if equipped)

Off-line speed: 1.5 km per minute, the following

Uninterrupted, non-contact test

From the measured wire color, texture, vibration affect test accuracy

With alarm sound and alarm output (alarm output can be controlled through the production line to stop running)

Can be measured: convex, concave shrink, spot, broken, spliced, highlighting the wire or fiber surface defects.

Model LY-0503D LY-1003D LY-2003D LY-2503D LY-3503D LY-5503D
Detect the direction of 333 333
Double-slit detection method, near infrared non-contact continuous measurement
Range 0.002-0.999mm
Applicable wire 0.05-5mm 0.05-5mm 0.1-20mm 0.1-25mm 0.2-35mm 0.2-55mm
Detection accuracy of ± 1% of set value
Slit length 8mm 12mm 25mm 35mm 38mm 60mm
Slit width 0.5mm
Line speed 5M/Min-1500M/Min
Alarm red LED light output, normally open contact closure alarm
Alarm time 0.1S
Operating temperature -5 ℃ - +55 ℃
Power DC ± 15V
Power consumption 10W 10W 15W 20W 25W 35W
Dimensions W150 * H142 * D40 W150 * H142 * D40 W150 * H140 * D40 W300 * H246 * D40 W300 * H246 * D40 W383 * H338 * D75
Weight 0.8Kg 0.8Kg 2.0Kg 4.0Kg 4.0Kg 5.0Kg

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