Japan laser detector OD / OD measuring instrument

Japan TAKANO diameter laser detector, widely used in optical fiber, ceramics, electronic wire, communications cable, power cable, enameled wire, aluminum pipe, steel, fiber, glass, plastic tubes, pipes, etc. OD measurements, on-line detection and off-line testing can be, and can realize automatic feedback control and computer on-line communication.


Small size, the sampling speed, sensitivity, high accuracy, reliable performance, no worries.
Laser scanning, non-contact measurement, no damage to the material being measured.
With PID feedback control system.
With RS232 communication interface with PC or PLC.
Microcomputer digital control to facilitate operation and simple to use.
Can be equipped with alarm relay driver error.
Can easily adjust the actual value and display value of the error.
Can set the upper limit / lower limit alarm.

Technical parameters:

Range 0.3-30mm
Accuracy ± 2μm
Resolution of ± 0.1μm
Scan speed 1000 times / sec.
Repeatability error of ± 0.001m
Instrument dimensions 289 × 89 × 30 (mm)
Any measurement position above ground
Weight 1KG
Voltage AC90 ~ 240V
Ambient temperature below 50 ℃